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Being aware of the differences in proper installation and quality building materials is important. Our company understands that purchasing a fence is an investment, and we have years of experience which will help us guide you in the right direction when purchasing the right one for you.

Our fence crews have more than 11 years experience in installing fence in the Atlanta area. They are the quality fence contractors and builders you want to invest in.

When it comes to building materials, some competitors use cheap imports known as the Chinese Cedar or Fir. These products are cheap for a reason; they will not last. In the end, you may find that you got what you paid for.

We will not install cheap import material, and uses quality woods and products like Western Red Cedar to ensure the longevity of your purchase. Other fence companies also install and sell pressure treated pickets that will cup, bow, crack, shrink and warp. These kinds of materials will not last and you will spend more money replacing or repairing the damage.

We use double shank stainless steel nails on all fences to prevent rust and lines down the fence. We also use galvanized steel posts. 8’ tall fences will have 11’ foot post three feet in the ground. Some competition use 10’ post, which we do not recommend.

Proper holes will be dug out to 8” round; some fences will have to be larger do to certain kinds of soils. 3000 psi concrete will be used at all times. Sometimes 5500 psi concrete will be applied just depending on soil, and terrain. WAPO will be used, instead of one screw holding your bracket to the post the WAPO has two screws, for more support.

The most and familiar wood fence is the privacy fence, and is the classic choice for many homeowners. Wood offers a wide range of design possibilities. Consider these two classic pairings:

  • A split rail wood fence can create a rustic backdrop for landscape designs with a Southwestern theme
  • Picket-style fencing blends harmoniously with cottage-style homes evoking Old English charm

Shadow Box Fence – If you are looking for a fence that provides privacy, looks great from both sides, and allows air flow through the fence, than a shadow box fence is the perfect choice. Shadowbox fences provide an outstanding enclosure for yards, and gardens. Boards are placed on both sides of the fence rail which breaks the airflow up into smaller breezes. The boards block the line of vision offering effective protection and privacy.

Our two most popular woods choices are Western Red Cedar and Spruce. All of our wood fences are backed by a 5 year, transferable workmanship guarantee.

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