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An American Tradition - Rustic and Informal

Post-Rail Fences

Post Rail Fences

We serve the Atlanta area specializing in many options for your fencing needs. Among those fencing options include post-and-rail fence style. Post and rail wood fencing consists of posts attached to round, square, board, or split rails. Giving the fence a nice uniform look, the post and rails are usually the same style.

Post and rail fences may be grouped under the more general heading of "ranch-style" or "horse" fences. Originally designed to contain livestock (especially horses), post-and-rail fences usually have 2-4 rails (i.e., the horizontal components). Post-and-rail fences are a common choice today in many people's landscapes. If you are a homeowner looking for a fence but don’t want the “fenced in” feeling of a traditional privacy fence, than a post a rail fence is ideal.

The open design allows these fences to be used for animal containment without blocking the view. Post and rail design is excellent for perimeter fencing, because the rails flow with the terrain. Painting a post & rail fence can create a look of rural life and simple elegance. Topping the posts or using finials can add a touch of sophistication.


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