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Iron Fence

Iron Fence

Iron Fence

We have highly trained welders enabling us to specialize in installing wrought iron and ornamental iron fencing.  From pre-fabricated panels to custom designs, we can meet your needs.  Unlike fencing that serves as a screen, iron fencing allows you to showcase your landscape while still protecting the yard.  Need ideas?  Just call on our experts and we’ll give you our honest, professional opinion.


SPIRE – A spire is a vertical piece of wrought iron that serves as a post in the fence.

ESSEX - The Essex fence is designed to have a regal appearance. The repetition of scrolls placed back to back along the top portion of the fence with a spire running between. The finials of an Essex fence are rounded spear shape.

CONCORD – Although simpler in design from the Essex, the concord has rounded finials, but does not have the scroll patterns. The concord fence has a sequence of circle-shaped rings separated each by a spire.

CONCORD DELUXE – A variation of the standard Concord the Concord Deluxe has a design that includes shorter spires called dog pickets. The dog pickets are located directly below each wrought iron ring. Additionally, a vertical wrought iron pole is placed every 3 feet, alternating between dog pickets and spires.

ARCHE - An Arche gate is a simple row of vertical spires tipped with pointed finials.


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