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Commercial Handrails

Commercial Handrails

Our fence contractors will work with your specific project needs to ensure that all commercial and public buildings satisfy the requirement of the American with Disabilities Act. An iron handrail in a commercial application can create a look of beauty and individuality to your project. Interior or exterior an iron handrail will enhance its surrounding elements and not appear to be misplaced. A beautiful iron handrail will call attention to the importance of the entranceway, as well as providing support for those going up and down the stairs. Wrought iron handrails come in many varieties:

  • Engraved Handrails - The engraved handrails have elaborate engravings, formed by cutting the metal very delicately. The detail design requires a great craftsmanship.
  • Tubular Handrails - Tubular handrails are hollowed tubes of wrought iron having different forms and decorative shapes. Despite being less expensive, they look great and are very strong and durable.
  • Twisted Handrails - Twisted railings are a beautiful edition to any handrail. Mostly used in combination with straight pickets to produce a variety of looks. Sometimes combined and arranged in unusual manner and often in some calculated manner. For example a straight picket and alternating to two twisted ones. Creating and individuality that will be unique to your project.
  • Solid Handrails – Solid handrails are the strongest type you can get, they are mostly used as wrought iron fences. Sometimes to be installed for security purpose, people prefer them as straight solid square shaped rods. Therefore serving the dual purpose of safety and beauty.

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