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An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Cedar Fence

Cedar Fence

Cedar Fence

Western Red Cedar is the preferred wood of  most contractors. A renewable resource grown in North America, Red Cedar provides the best value for your fence project. Red Cedar contains natural preservatives that resist decay and insect damage, stays straight and won’t cup and bow and will last 10 times longer than other woods. It is covered by our 5 year transferable workmanship guarantee. These combined benefits result in the best durability of any fence board.

When installing Red Cedar, the only nails you need to use is stainless steel nails, because they will not eat away holes into your wood like other nails will, and they won’t leave black streaks running down you fence.

The appearance of Red Cedar will also keep you home looking beautiful for years to come. Let our estimators come out and give you a free estimate knowing we only use the best materials to protect your investment.


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